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Hand Picked from their nest-boxes every morning.

Our superior duck eggs have ivory white shells and yolks which are naturally rich in colour and flavour. They are hand-picked from their nest-boxes every morning. They make exceptionally light cakes and bakes, absolutely perfect crisp merringues and rich and creamy crème brulees. Their supreme flavour makes them a favourite for breakfast scrambles, boils, frys and poaches. Make a quick enquiry

The Lamymans have a long history of farming in South Lincolnshire which stretches back over one hundred years across several generations.

Once a significant grower of potatoes, in addition to the usual arable crops of wheat, sugar beet and oil seed rape, the family firm strategically diversified into keeping ducks for their eggs in 2005. As a pioneer in this niche market our success, today, is based on our indepth knowledge of the care of our feathered friends.

Duck Eggs....

Have a higher nutritional value such as 2 x more Vitamin A, 6 x more Vitamin D and about 75% more Vitamin E than a chicken egg.

Are richer with more Albumen (the white) making cakes fluffier and rise higher.

Have more Omega 3, Omega 3 is thought to improve brain health and ...promote healthy skin.

Are alkaline producing which is an anti cancer food as cancer cells do ...not thrive in an alkaline environment.

Duck eggs are tastier than a chicken egg, according to the majority of users.

Most people who are allergic to chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs without allergic reactions.

A duck egg's shell is tougher to crack but it provides them with a considerably longer shelf life, six weeks at maximum, if kept refrigerated.

Everything that you do with a chicken egg can be done with a duck egg...

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